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In March 2015 Windsor Girls’ School and Windsor Boys’ School formed a Multi Academy trust called Windsor Learning Partnership (WLP). In May 2016 Dedworth Middle School and Dedworth Green First School joined the Trust, followed by Clewer Green CE First School in April 2020. The Trust is a charitable body and the single legal entity responsible for the schools.

Organisational Structure

A unified management structure is operated within the Trust. The Structure consists of at Multi Academy level, Trustees and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the CEO is also a Trustee, then at individual Academy level, a Local Governing Body and Senior Leadership Team.  The aim of the leadership structure is to devolve responsibility and encourage involvement in decision making at all levels.  There is a clear line of delegation which is supported by a detailed Scheme of Delegation.


The Trustees have delegated the day to day management of the Company to the Chief Executive Officer supported by Educational and Operational staff. The Chief Executive Officer is also the Accounting Officer for the Company. Local accountability is delegated to each academy Headteacher supported by a Local Governing Body.


The Trustees are responsible for setting general policy, adopting an annual plan and budget, monitoring the Academy by the use of budgets and making major decisions about the direction of the Trust, capital expenditure and senor staff appointments.  They are assisted in this at local level by the Local Governing Body for each Academy.