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Report a Concern

Report a Concern


Windsor Learning Partnership has developed an online reporting system for learners and parents to report concerns or incidents.

A school needs to know as soon as possible if there is a cause for concern or dissatisfaction. Trust schools recognise that a concern or difficulty which is not resolved quickly and fairly can soon become a cause of resentment, which can be damaging to the relationship between the school and the parent and learner, and can also have a detrimental effect upon the school’s ethos and culture. Parents and learners should never feel – or be made to feel – that raising a concern will adversely affect the learner’s future at the school, or place the learner at a disadvantage in any way.

Windsor Learning Partnership expects that the vast majority of concerns, where a parent or learner seeks intervention, reconsideration, or reassurance, can be resolved by way of a telephone discussion or informal meeting, recognising this as the most successful  way of improving procedures and relations with parents.


We would therefore encourage you to direct your concern to the School in the first instance for a resolution.


If you feel that a concern has not been resolved or that you are unable to speak to school staff about the issue please complete this ‘Report a Concern’ form, but please note that to resolve the problem we may need to direct your concern to the school.


The online reporting system also allows learners and young people the opportunity to report concerns or incidents without the need to speak directly to a member of staff.  If you are a learner attending one of the schools within Windsor Learning Partnership and you have a concern, please complete the form below. You can use the system to report any of the following in or out of school:

  • Bullying
  • Hate Crime
  • Sexual abuse and harassment.
  • Racism
  • Homophobic abuse
  • Health Concerns
  • Community issues
  • Concerns about the welfare of another Learner

The reporting of an issue or concern can be anonymous, however, to enable us to best support you and resolve the issue it is best to leave your details.