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Trust Strategic Plan 2021-2024

Strategic Priorities





1.    School Performance and student progress


We will work to ensure WLP academies are recognised as successful schools dedicated to student progress and outcomes across all ages and abilities. We want our schools to provide exceptional learning and development in a supportive and inclusive environment with ambitious and achievable plans to deliver progress and improvements across all stages of learning.

In particular in the year ahead, we aim to:

  • Improve progress and outcomes at Key Stage 2 and through middle years;

  • Sustain and improve strong performance at Key Stages 4 and 5; improved sixth-form provision remains an important focus.

  • Continue to improve assessment information across key learning stages and from school to school to drive progress and improved outcomes.


2.    Student Enrichment


We will provide and enhance a variety of sports and creative and cultural activities to help develop students’ confidence, involvement and motivation. 

We will seek to broaden participation to realise the benefits of enrichment activities for everyone.


3.   Staff recruitment and development

We aim to an employer of choice. We aim to provide an excellent learning and teaching environment for all staff to develop and flourish. We will build on our successful teacher training programme to create opportunities for deeper experience across our partnership of schools. Collaborations and professional learning programmes will aim to improve recruitment, retention, career development and succession planning.


4.  School structure

We will review school structures to ensure they best serve the interests of current and future students. We aim to develop innovative solutions for how our schools combine and work together. In particular in the year ahead, we will seek greater collaboration across the Dedworth campus.


5. WLP development

We will engage and collaborate with the wider Windsor school community to improve the coherence of learning and transition from ages 2 to 18.  We aim to promote partnerships and expand WLP across Windsor and nearby areas to further our vision of building a successful local community of schools. In particular in the year ahead, we aim to increase the number of first schools in the Trust.


6.  Financial management

We will ensure the Trust has strong financial management and governance and remains in a sustainable position to deliver effective resources for teaching and learning in its schools. We will continue to identify efficiencies across our schools and, where appropriate, combine systems and processes.


7.  School income

We will seek to strengthen the Trust’s financial resilience by increasing income through greater student numbers, Trust growth and, where feasible, other sources of income.